Apex Verticals is a premium organization based in Mumbai engaged in Manufacture, Installation, Maintenance & Modernization of all kind of elevators in and around Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai.So if finally you are looking for lift manufacturing in thane and mulund than visit apex verticals.

First of all we are continuously scaling new heights of achievements by catering diverse needs on individual and industrial basis. We manufacture /provide superior designed and technically engineered elevators, including Passenger lift, Goods lift, Car lift,  Home lift and car parking stacker solution.We are lift manufacturing service provider in Thane & Mulund.

In addition all our products and services incorporate advanced features, innovative designs, sturdy durability and wear resistant characteristics. Further some of the products are manufactured with premium quality raw materials and state of the art technology, offering superior performance keeping in mind harsh climatic conditions and power supply in different places.


Lift manufacturing in Mulund, Thane at Apex verticals

These lifts can only be maintained by the manufacturers, as they know the in and out of the lift’s process. Sometimes some lift manufacturing companies maintain lifts which are manufactured by other companies. Other than the lift manufacturers, there are independent companies who are engaged in the work of repair and maintenance. These independent companies charge a little less and have much skilled professionals when compared to the lift manufacturing in thane & Mulund companies. There are some points which should be taken into consideration before hiring a repair and maintenance company

Skilled Labor: The company you are hiring for the repairing and maintenance of your lift, must have skilled and trained professionals. The professional must have a long time experience with technical expertise for carrying out the job of repair work. The employees of the company must be given a regular training sessions, for improving the skills of that person. They must be dedicated for enhancing the durability and quality of the lift during the process.

Experience: Before hiring a company to handle you lift repair or maintenance, one must find out whether the company has any experience in this field or not. It is always recommended to hire people who are experienced, because if the lift is not given in the proper hands it is a risk for the people who use it. The company must have number of years of experience and should have gained some reputation. Ann experienced company can handle major complex repair jobs with no difficulties.

License and Support: The company which you are hiring must have obtained a proper license for working and should meet the specific requirements which are laid by the Government. The company must also have a proper support team, who will cater the needs of the clients during any emergency. The company must ensure optimum level of productivity and deliver top class work. The repair work should be done to perfection for a smooth mobility of the lift from one floor to the other.

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We assure and believe that safety first with excellent service.

An experienced and skilled technician combined with efficient, energetic & trustworthy office staff makes service so special.

Thus we provides you 24/7 emergency break down service.

The routine service of the lifts is done every month by experienced maintenance staff because we don't compromise with quality.

Technicians & Mechanics are well-equipped with cell phones and vehicles to ensure a quick, prompt and efficient service response to your queries and to solve problems with the installations/maintenance if any other related to the lifts.

The breaks down calls are also attended on mobile Short Message Service (SMS).

Apex verticals maintain computerized records for every installation/maintenance & Lift manufacturing under its contract.

Hence we offer lowest and unmatched prices without any compromise in quality and reliability.

In conclusion finally the quality is engineered into every elevator system and component we manufacture / maintain.

The elevator is designed by us to enhance the usable appearance and value of your building for many years.

Apex vertical are committed to provide you with the utmost personal service and professional care for the elevator system.

We are committed to consistently exceed the expectations of customers through excellence in quality and service.

The maintenance program prolongs the life of your elevators, prevent shutdowns and keep your elevators operating at their best.

We are working hard to become a benchmark for superior service.   

Here we are leader in planned and preventive lift maintenance delivering a customer focused lift service for your requirement.

We take pride in delivering prompt, professional service, the maximum level of equipment availability for riders and building owners and proactive service with communications to our customers for 24X7, 365 days.

Our offering / maintenance make use of the latest technologies as well as the deep / vast knowledge , experience and skills of our people.