Lift AMC Contractor

An Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is necessary for your lifts. In today’s world, quality is the prime factor. For a quality output a repeat performance is required. And a repeat performance can be gained with a proper maintenance of the machines. We are well known lift amc contractor in thane and lift amc contractor in mulund. Every multi storied building has an elevator installed. Elevators have become an important part of or lives. It has made our life easier by enabling us to move from one floor to another. It also allows us to transport heavy goods with ease and helps us to feel relaxed and comfortable. Many people do not notice that elevators require a constant upgrades and maintenance services. 

The Lift AMC contractor recommend that the elevators should be checked and maintained two times a year. In a scheduled and regular maintenance, the trained experts would investigate whether all the parts are working fine and functioning without any problem.The acceptance of the Lift AMC will depend upon the condition and duration of the lift. Generally, the duration of the AMC will be one year with respect to date of receiving the full earnest. The AMC includes any sudden breakdown visits which will be adjusted with the total number of AMC visits according to the contract.