Geared Elevator Traction Machine with Machine Room

The machine will be Traction type with an AC motor, elector mechanical brake, heat treated alloy steel worm shaft, centrifugally cast bronze worm gear wheel and superior grade cast ion drive sheave all compactly mounted on a single base or bed plate.


Machine Room Less (MRL) Gearless Elevator Drive Machine

The Gear less Machine Room Less (MRL) Elevator is the latest innovation in elevator industries that often allows a significant reduction in the size the electric motor's used with traction equipment These newly designed permanent magnet motors allows us to locate the machines in the hoist way overhead . Thus eliminating the need for Machine Room over the hoist way.

Technical Advantages:

  • Eliminates requirement of Machine Room
  • Environment Friendly as compared to hydraulic and Traction Elevators
  • Every saving up to 30%
  • Compact Modular Design
  • Key Component like Rear Earth Magnets Outstanding Torque & Cogging Characteristics

APEX Customized Interior Designed Car

The interior of the car should complement the ambience of its building's interior. A number of design elements are available to enhance the appearance of your APEX SMART or APEX CLASSIC elevator.

Car Walls:

Painted Steel Car available in four colors as standard offering. Variety of plain as well as designer Stainless Steel Cars to suit your requirements are also available as options. We also offer an option of rear side full vision glass.


Car Operating Panel & Landing Signalization

Car Operating Panel in Stainless Steel plate with red color soft touch buttons and seven segment display is our standard offering Braille buttons, scrolling indicators, Dot Matrix indicators; LCD Display and Full Height COP are available as options.

Optional Feature:

APEX Smart Elevator

  • Stainless Steel Car
  • Swing / Imperforated
  • Door Variable Voltage
  • Variable Frequency (V3F) drive Auto Fan
  • Voice Announcing System
  • Battery Operated Emergency Alarm
  • Auto Rescue Device (ARD)

APEX Classic Elevator

  • Stainless Steel Car
  • Designer SS Car
  • Glass Door
  • Auto Rescue Device


The standard offering for painted car is Black painted steel with two spot type energy-efficient direct CFL lightnings and square fan grill. We are affordable AMC contractor in thane.

Stainless Steel finish ceiling is standard for Stainless Steel cars.

Designer ceilings and blowers are available as options.


  • Round Stainless Steel tubular handrail at rear wall of the car is standard offering.
  • Handrails on three sides of car are optional
  • Floors
  • Black antiskid PVC flooring is our standard offering.
  • Wooden and granite flooring are available as option.

Standard Features:

APEX Smart & Classic Elevator

  • MS Painted Car
  • Half Rear Panel Mirror
  • One Side Round Tubular Handrail
  • Painted Finish Two Spot type False Ceiling
  • Fascia in car 750 mm
  • Antiskid black PVC flooring
  • Entrance FMBC
  • COP & LOP in SS hairline finish
  • Down collective control panel
  • Over speed governor
  • One year comprehensive warranty

Additional Standard Features for Classic Elevator

  • Entrance MS painted COPD
  • Emergency light in car
  • V3F drive
  • Full height infrared curtain of light
  • Battery operated emergency alarm
  • Fireman switch
  • Voice announcing system

Control System AD-300


Control System AD-007


Control Panel

APEX control panel is Microprocessor based programmable Controller allows greater flexibility to meet changing traffic and customer needs. The system can be programmable for single speed & Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drive (V3F) with either manual or auto door operation available for all type of applications. Latest top of line technology ensures up to 30% savings in electricity bill. Integrated 'Field Test Mechanism' in the controller provides easy and quick fault diagnosis.

Salient Features

  • Simplex/Duplex/Group operations
  • Various speeds ranging from 0.65 m/s to 1.5 m/s
  • V3F enabled programming controller

APEX V3F Drive System

Up to 30% Power savings with latest technology Consistent levels in different load condition Smooth start S stop providing excellent ride quality Pulse with modulation ensures smooth and controlled acceleration / deceleration. Reduce wear and tear of moving components increasing the overall life span of the equipment.


Cop and Lop

Car Operating Panel in Stainless Steel plate with red color soft touch buttons and seven segment display is our standard offering. Braille Buttons , Scrolling Indicators , Dot Matrix Indicators , LCD Display and Full Height COP are available as options.

Features & Specifications:

  • Operating voltage 24V / 12V DC .
  • Because of glass keyboard easy to clean.
  • Touch Plate: Toughened Glass & Poly Carbonate
  • Keys sensitivity up to 5 mm thick glass.
  • We can give easy identifications with customized icons.
  • We can give keys illumination in different colours ( e.g. white, blue , red ,green , yellow/ orange)
  • The life of non-tactile keyboard is 3 million operations, while for tactile keyboard is 2 million operations.

Auto Rescue Device

Auto Rescue Device is an advance rescue system for rescuing passengers from an elevator in case of power failure. ARD makes the car reach the nearest floor and opens the door's automatically to safely rescue passengers.

Salient Features:

  • Micro-controller based technology
  • Maintenance free sealed EXIDE batteries
  • Fully automatic with instant operation
  • Requires no human intervention
  • Unique 'optimum direction selection' feature enables selection of nearest landing for a quick rescue operation
  • Automatically lights up the cabin during operation